Gift Box - Purist Teas From Around The World - 12-count

Purist Teas 12 Tin
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A lovely gift box with twelve tins of purist teas from around the world. Purist teas are the pure leaves without anything added; rich in their natural flavors.

Bamboo Temple: Uniquely smooth and buttery black tea from the revered Yunnan region of China.

Ti Kuan Yin: Classic Chinese oolong tea with well-twisted leaves.

Vietnam Green: Organic well twisted green tea leaves from the major tea producing region of Vietnam.

Wu Long: Mellow roasted flavor oolong tea with long well-twisted leaves from Wuyi mountains, China.

Bancha: Hearty steamed green tea leaves from the 2nd flush/harvest of the year.

Kenya Golden Millima: Black tea from Kenya for a smooth taste.

Pai Mu Tan: Pure white tea, the least processed of all teas. high in antioxidants and low in caffeine. 

Included are brewing instructions and information about each tea.

An attractive lidded gift box

Box measures 11.25" x 7.75" x 1.5"

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