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AT HOME TASTING EXPERIENCE: Tea and Chocolate Pairing


$27 / person.  Please enter the number of people participating in the at-home tasting experience.

Seasonal Tea and Chocolate Pairing.  The current pairing is SPRING. 

Order by the 20th of the month for shipping on the 1st of the following month.  For example order by April 20th for shipping on May 1st.


Discover new flavor combinations as you start by pairing purist teas with pure chocolate and finish by matching teas with flavored chocolates designed to enhance the tasting experience.

This special at-home tasting experience includes:

  • Six carefully selected Churchill's Teas
  • Six hand-crafted Ilan’s Raw Chocolates
  • Information on how to enhance the tea and chocolate tasting experience
  • Tea brewing instructions
  • Pairing diagram and tasting notes

Churchill’s Fine Teas is an award-winning tea company specializing in over 265 teas from around the world.  Ilan's Raw Chocolate is committed to organic, nutritious ingredients and is naturally vegan, gluten-free, keto-friendly, and kosher certified.  Their chocolate is tempered by hand in small batches with care and excellence. 

Please note: This event is an at-home tasting experience.  Enjoy as a personal treat, as a couple, with family, or set up a virtual event with friends.  Perfect for foodies, tea lovers, chocolate enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a special experience. 

Order by the 15th of the month for shipping on the 1st of the following month.  For example order by April 15th for shipping on May 1st.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by M. , 02/21/2021

I really enjoyed this! The chocolate was great, and I experienced some teas that I probably wouldn’t have gravitated to on my own. The walnut maple green tea was delicious! I would definitely purchase another pairing or flight.