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Hot Cincinnati Spice Green Tea

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1 ounce makes 10-12 cups of hot tea, or 2 quarts of iced tea.

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Green tea with heaps of cinnamon pieces, sweet cloves, and a hint of orange. Great hot or iced.

Packaging: Our loose teas are sold by the ounce and are packaged in food-grade resealable bags.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Georgia , 12/06/2019

My daughter brought this back when on a trip to Cincinnati.  She had planned a different flavor, in a gift box, but got this by mistake, and we’ve been enjoying it ever since, It’s great hot or cold!

Reviewed by Stephanie , 09/27/2018

This tea is SO delicious! If you enjoy drinking tea to stave off a sweet craving- this is an absolute must. It's sweet but spicy, similar to a red hot. It's my absolute favorite tea to drink once the temperature cools down (especially in the fall!)

Reviewed by Debbie K, 08/09/2017

My mom and I took our first mom n daughter trip in May and stumbled on this great store and found this tea! I blew through 2 Oz in no time and my mom bought me 16 more and had it shipped within a couple days! The tea is so flavorful and nothing else needs to be added to experience its full taste, the people so helpful, and it created a lifetime memory! Thank you! ♡

Reviewed by Andrea L, 11/25/2016

We tried a sample of this tea in the store and since then we have made multiple purchases and had it shipped to our home. It is amazing!

Reviewed by Jenny , 10/20/2016

Simply the best. Aromatic, strong and sweet - without any other sweetener.

Reviewed by JMR , 03/22/2016

Excellent addition to my tea list! Great flavor for cinnamon lovers. Doesn't need additional sweetener. 

Reviewed by Kally , 10/11/2015

amazing! And I don't even like tea! 

Reviewed by AWJones , 08/20/2015

Wow! Perfect on a dreary afternoon.

Reviewed by Kim , 05/10/2015

Tried this tea at a friends house. She served it over ice. AMAZING. If you liked 'redhots' as a kid or even as an adult, you will LOVE this tea. Must get some soon!!!

Reviewed by Liz , 03/09/2015

We only bought this because we tried the sample, but now it's a favorite in our household!

Reviewed by Tonya , 02/02/2015

One of my favorites in the fall/winter...a must have!

Reviewed by Dave S, 09/09/2014

Naturally sweetened. Love the taste. Tried it as a sample at Churchill's. I probably would not have bought it so soon or ever. Thanks for the sample!

Reviewed by Ashley , 04/28/2014

This tea is the perfect balance of spice and flavor. Amazing!

Reviewed by Rachael , 02/07/2014


Reviewed by Dirk , 06/27/2012

This tea is wonderful! :)