Detox Herbal Tea

Detox Herbal
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Price per cup: 20 - 25 cents
Bulk discount: 8+ ounces 12%; 16+ ounces 20%
Brewing tip: Boiling water 3-5 min
Qty Price (per ounce)
1 - 7 $3.25
8 - 15 $2.86
16+ $2.60
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A blend of herbs historically known for their detoxifying properties. Cinnamon, dandelion root (for joint pain), burdock root (liver cleansing), ginger root, fennel seed, licorice root, juniper berries, cloves, black peppercorns, orange peel, cardamom pods, pau d'arco, uva ursi (urinary tract/bladder), horsetail, and parsley. 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Pamela , 07/06/2018

Delicious! It smells sooo good. I bought just one ounce to try it and now I am hooked!

Reviewed by Dawn , 11/19/2015

Love it!  I really enjoy the cardemom. Nice blend, "earthy". One of my must have teas. 

Reviewed by Heidi , 12/05/2014

This tea is just wonderful! The taste is very earthy with a little kick from the licorice root, and when I drink it regularly I am often able to stay healthy in the fall and winter. While it's not promoted as a cold and flu fighter- it does seem to keep the system cleaned out enough to keep those little bugs away!