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Hot Cincinnati Spice Rooibos

Hot Cinnamon Spice Rooibos
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Hot Cincinnati Spice also called Hot Cinnamon Spice by our customers. A wonderful blend of organic Rooibos, cinnamon pieces, sweet cloves and orange peel.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Pam , 11/22/2017

One word: YUMMMMM!

Reviewed by Digna , 07/20/2016

Okay... Can you say delicious, three times fast?  If you can't, its only because you're sipping this tea. I absolutely adore the flavor, hot or cold

Reviewed by Jean , 06/08/2016

My all time favorite! I love it both hot and iced.

Reviewed by Cindy , 03/27/2016

In all my travels around this amazing planet - Hot Cincy Spice s the best tea I've ever had! Still my all-time favorite! Amazing flavor and feels silky while drinking it.

Reviewed by Katie , 11/10/2014

Wow! This tea is so good I logged on to review it. The tea does taste moderately sweetened with a cinnamon spice flavor that tastes wonderful after a meal. The spice of this tea doesn't leave a burn in your mouth, though, which is just what I was looking for. Thank you!

Reviewed by Eileen , 01/03/2013

I really enjoy this tea, cinnamon dominants the flavor making this definitely a spice tea and not sweet. So just to weigh in with my two cents I would call it Cincinnati spice and drop the sweet which is a contradiction anyway. Although I haven't tried it yet I think it might also taste good iced.