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Findlay Market Fresh Herbal Tea

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1 ounce makes 10-12 cups of hot tea, or 2 quarts of iced tea.

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Named after the market where our flagship store is located, this blend makes a very refreshing hot or iced tea.  Customers also love making G&Teas with this blend, see below for the recipe!

Ingredients: Apple, rosehip, hibiscus, tomato, cucumber, lemon, lime, and orange.

Packaging: Our loose teas are sold by the ounce and are packaged in food-grade resealable bags.

Brewing Instructions: Check out our Brewing Basics


Recipe for Findlay Refresher G&Tea:

  • 1 tbsp Findlay Market Fresh Herbal Tea
  • 4 fl. oz gin
  • 4 fl. oz tonic water
  • slice of cucumber

Infuse 1 tbsp Findlay Market Fresh in 4 fl. oz of gin for 90 min.  Strain the gin. Pour a glass,  add tonic and a slice of cucumber garnish.  Serve over ice and enjoy!


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Chelle , 03/28/2020

This is one of my favorite herbal tea blends of all time. I don't add sugar or honey or anything like that. I never even thought to use it in an alcoholic cocktail, but I'll bet it'd be fantastic!

Reviewed by Rachael C, 10/04/2019

I love this fruity herbal tea. It’s a great decaffeinated tea to get during the afternoon! It smells amazing too! 

Reviewed by Margaret , 01/08/2018

This dried fruit herbal tea is one of the best teas I’ve had the pleasure of receiving as a gift! Perfect fruity blend that’s not too sweet or too earthy, needs no added ingredients (sweetener or anything), and is amazing hot and cold any time of day!  I’ve already ordered another couple of ounces because I hear they run out fast! 

Reviewed by Liz , 09/30/2017

One of my all time favorite teas. Very aromatic and fresh. 

Reviewed by Jennifer F, 07/22/2017

My younger sister got me this tea the bag smells amazing n delicious n devine i did a overnight cold brew of