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Coconut Oolong

Coconut Oolong
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Premium loose leaf Ti Quan Yin oolong leaves from Taiwan blended with sweet coconut flakes. Great for hot or iced tea!


Ingredients: Oolong tea, coconut, natural flavor. 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Linda , 09/06/2019

I have been craving coconut lately and this tea is super satisfying. I love the flavor!

Reviewed by Jill , 07/02/2017

My sister Debbie gifted me a pkg of this tea a couple of years ago, I was hesitant to try it thinking that the 2 would not pair well together. I was very pleasantly surprised! It became one of my favorite indulgent teas & is a real treat to be savored, one magnificent sip at a time! Outstanding quality tea!

Reviewed by Veronica R, 03/24/2014

I went to churchill's this weekend. I love this place. That old world charm..rustic look. This tea is one of my favorites, and I love coconut any kind of way. Don't leave Cincinnati market place