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Maharaja Cinnamon Chai Oolong

Maharajah Spiced Chai Oolong
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A blend of premium loose leaf Ti Kuan Yin oolong tea, loose leaf green tea, and a decadent mix of cinnamon, sweet cloves, cardamom, ginger, and almonds.

Ti Kuan Yin is whole leaf tea well-twisted into small pieces and has an earthy flavor with hints of orchid from the Fujian province in China. This team is name in honor of the Iron Goddess of Mercy in Chinese Buddhism. 

Ingredients: oolong tea, green tea, cinnamon, sweet clove, orange peel, cardamom, ginger, almond. 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Catrina K, 04/14/2016

This tea is delicious!  One of my favorites!  Very full, rich flavor!