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Milk Silk Oolong

Milk Silk Oolong
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Premium loose leaf oolong tea from the Wu Yi mountain region in China harvested after a sudden and dramatic change in temperature. The change results in natural processes in the tea leaves that cause the final cup to develop a milky aroma and texture. 

Ingredients: oolong tea.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Sarah , 10/02/2019

Just moved to the area and of course one of the first things I do is search for local tea shops. When I went to the shop I was so excited to learn that their teas and specifically the milk oolong is a "purist" tea and is 100% natural. Milk oolong is my favorite tea by far of any tea and I have been looking for years for one that does not have artificial milk flavoring. The scent is heavenly and the taste even better. It is smooth, milky, and light with all the benefits of oolong tea. Thank you Churchill Teas!

Reviewed by Gigi , 04/08/2019

This tea is absolutely amazing! Such a nice treat anytime of the day or night. Try it you will not be disappointed.👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Reviewed by Ja'Nai W, 03/13/2019

Never had a milk Oolong before but, this is really tasty. I can drink this tea without sugar. I was able to get 2 cups out of the 1 tsp of tea. Very pleased

Reviewed by Drew , 07/10/2018

Its alright. Has an excellent milky scent, and definitely has the unique milky taste on the first sip, but it quickly fades and the aftertaste isn't anything special. second and third brews are light. The leaves unfold nicely in to big juicy bursts. Pricy. My first milk oolong, so I have nothing to directly compare it to. I also have the Tung Ting Foomosa oolong, which is slightly similar but I think that one is MUCH better.

Reviewed by Farrell , 04/26/2017

Delicious, smooth taste

Reviewed by Erin , 04/30/2016

The BEST milky oolong I have ever had.