Bancha Organic Green Tea

Bancha Green Tea
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Price per cup: 20 - 25 cents
Bulk discount: 8+ ounces 12%; 16+ ounces 20%
Brewing tip: off boiling at 170 degrees 1 - 3 mins
Caffeine level: Low
Qty Price (per ounce)
1 - 7 $3.95
8 - 15 $3.48
16+ $3.16
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A second flush tea that is low in caffeine and high in antioxidants and vitamins. 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Drew , 10/11/2018

Good flavor, not the strongest Bencha I've had. Be warned its easy to mess up. "Burns" easily and can get bitter if the steep is too long. I find If I keep the steep under 30sec I can get at least 3 good steeps out of it. Light in color, leaves are "chopped".