Kyoto Cherry Rose Green Tea Organic

Kyoto Cherry Rose Green Tea
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Organic green tea with sweet cherry and fragrant rose petals.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Dan K, 09/17/2018

I tried the Green Tea from Kyoto with cherry blossom - it was pretty amazing - just a touch of cherry and very fragrant - the tea was delicious!

Reviewed by Kelly C, 09/12/2018

I have yet to try a tea with rose in it that I don’t like, and this is a great one!

Reviewed by Bushra , 10/28/2015

Love its smell! I'm not a fan of green tea but tried it and really like it. 

Reviewed by Mari , 09/21/2014

I found this tea while visiting Cincy and loved it! Worth ordering from here even though I'm 800 miles away!

Reviewed by Courtney , 11/25/2013

Love this tea!