Butterscotch and Almond Pu-erh Tea

Butterscotch Almond Pu-erh
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Price per cup: 22 - 27 cents
Bulk discount: 8+ounces 12%; 16+ ounces 20%
Brewing tip: Boiling water 3-5 minutes
Caffeine level: Medium
Qty Price (per ounce)
1 - 7 $3.95
8 - 15 $3.48
16+ $3.16
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The Yunnan Province of China produces a wonderful earthy aged black tea. Pu-erh is prized for fat-breaking abilities and helping to reduce cholesterol levels. Flavored with caramel pieces and almonds. 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Iturn , 08/17/2018

Fantastic flavor in this tea. Really love the smell and taste of the tea. Easily brought me back for more.

Reviewed by Danielle , 11/21/2014

This tea is incredible, and I feel like I'm doing my body a favor when I drink it. Pretty sure it's going to be my new addiction- and its a guilt free one!

Reviewed by Ani , 02/10/2014

I've never had pu-erh before, but now I kind of want to have nothing but pu-erh from now on. I thought the butterscotch/almond combo smelled waaay too strong, but it blends perfectly with the flavor of the tea and is DELICIOUS.