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Pistachio Pu-erh

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1 ounce makes 10-12 cups of hot tea, or 2 quarts of iced tea.

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A well-balanced blend of earthy pu-erh with sweet and creamy pistachio.  A Churchill's team favorite!

Ingredients: Pu-erh tea, pistachio, peony petals.

Packaging: Our loose teas are sold by the ounce and are packaged in food-grade resealable bags.

Brewing Instructions: Check out our Brewing Basics


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Katie , 06/30/2020

Very good, tastes like roasted pistachios. A beautiful smooth taste with an amazing scent.

Reviewed by Alexandra L, 05/16/2020

Beautiful as can be. This is one of my favorite teas and I can drink cup after cup. It is earthy, nutty and creamy too.

Reviewed by Christina , 11/02/2019

A huge thanks to Mariana for including this in our box as a sample. I am not a fan of pistachios, at all. This is one I would never have even looked at because normally due to it being a pu-erh and having pistachio in the name. The taste is sweet, nutty, and creamy, and it has a slightly earthy touch. It pulls the combination off beautifully. We brewed it for 3.5 minutes, which was perfect. Good advice with this or any pu-erh, don't use boiling water or it will be a bit bitter. This is one I will definitely buy.

Reviewed by Emma , 04/01/2019

Holy MOLY. Beautifully sweet and creamy yet perfectly earthy. This is a fantastic new black tea, thanks for bringing this in!!