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Traditional Masala Chai Black Tea

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1 ounce makes 10-12 cups of hot tea, or 2 quarts of iced tea.

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Full bodied black tea enhanced with South Indian masala spices. Superb on its own or with milk and sugar. 

Ingredients: Black tea, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, black and white pepper, clove, nutmeg.

Packaging: Our loose teas are sold by the ounce and are packaged in food-grade resealable bags.

Brewing Instructions: Check out our Brewing Basics


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Kim , 07/22/2018

I love this. It tastes like a cookie. Like a snickerdoodle, but slightly less sweet. The flavor is perfectly balanced. It is nostalgic and homey, like a close friend or family member made it.

Reviewed by Kenn D, 10/14/2014

Yowzah! Now that is Indian Chai!  As a Chef I appreciate delicate and intricate flavors and this is right on the pitch.  Nothing like those sickly sweet, knock you over the head mass produced "chais."  The black tea flavor comes through.  This tea is cricket.