Indian Traditional Spiced Chai

Price per cup: 20 - 25 cents
Bulk discount: 8+ ounces 12%; 16+ ounces 20%
Brewing tip: Boiling water 3-5 min
Caffeine level: Medium
Qty Price (per ounce)
1 - 7 $2.95
8 - 15 $2.60
16+ $2.36
Eligible for FREE Shipping

Pure black tea, cardamom, coriander, cumin seed, curry leaves, lemongreass, cinnamon and fenugreek. A perfect blend of ingredients that provide substantial health benefts.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Kenn Druley, 10/14/2014

Yowzah! Now that is Indian Chai!  As a Chef I appreciate delicate and intricate flavors and this is right on the pitch.  Nothing like those sickly sweet, knock you over the head mass produced "chais."  The black tea flavor comes through.  This tea is cricket.