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White Pai Mu Tan Organic Tea (Bai mudan)

White Pai Mu Tan
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Bai Mudan pronounced Pai mu tan and translation white peony.  Fresh from the bush, the newest two leaves and an un-opened bud are lightly oxidized.  A light flowery undertone Chinese tea. High in antioxidants and low in caffeine.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Drew , 09/25/2018

A nice light white tea with a subtle but pleasing aftertaste. Leaves are very light and airy.

Reviewed by Donna , 02/11/2018

I would not buy this tea. It tastes bitter. I was looking for pai mu tan (I had been buying it for years from another retailer) to replace what I could not buy from my other supplier. This tastes so bad, and smells so bad, I have to throw it out. It's undrinkable.

“Thank you for sharing your review. We know all teas won't appeal to everyone but we take the quality of our tea very seriously and are hoping you'll get in touch so we can learn more. Please contact Kathleen at inquiry@churchillsteas.com. We hope to hear from you soon.”