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White Southern Peach Tea

White Southern Peach Tea
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White Pai Mu Tan leaves infused with amazing Georgia peach essence. Great hot or iced. In-store popular white tea.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jason , 08/16/2019

Makes an absolutely delicious iced tea. The first pour of water onto the tea releases an incredible aroma. One cup made this my favorite tea.

Reviewed by Kelly C, 09/12/2018

One of my favorite teas! Great hot or iced!

Reviewed by Michele , 09/11/2017

This may be the best tea ever!works great as an iced tea!

Reviewed by Samantha , 09/28/2016

The perfect light peach tea. As a self proclaimed tea addict, I have tried peach teas from many different tea shops, but have never been able to beat this one.

Reviewed by Theresa , 10/03/2015

Best white tea...I cold brew it overnight. The peach aroma is amazing. It has a smooth never bitter taste. I drink it throughout the day.