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Mesh Tea Ball - 3 inch / Teapot / Pitcher Size

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3" size tea ball for a teapot or quart of ice tea.

Brewing an Individual Cup Of Tea

Place one teaspoon of tea inside the ball, pour the appropriate temperature water in the cup/mug and let steep. Remove the tea ball and enjoy a fabulous cup of tea. Tea leaves may be steeped multiple times in the same seating.

Brewing a Tea Pot of Tea

Depending on the size of the teapot, place one teaspoon of tea for every 6 to 8 ounces of water the teapot holds. (Example: a four-cup teapot will require 4 teaspoons of tea) use the appropriate temperature water for the tea and steep. Remove tea leaves at the end of brewing time.


Brewing instructions:

Brewing instructions with water temperature and steeping/brewing times for all tea categories will be included.

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