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Brown or Blue Betty Teapot 8-Cup

Brown Betty Teapot, Made in England
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Brown Betty's are known for their terracotta red clay and brown glaze. Reputation for retaining heat and for the shape that allows a great swirling of the tea leaves to produce a higher level of flavor.

MADE IN ENGLAND. 23 - 25 ounces

(see "New To Tea" at left menu or bottom of page for brewing instructions to make the perfect cup or pot of tea)

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by MrCincinnati , 01/04/2016

I bought my brown betty at Churchill's.  I've gone through several teapots searching for one that I really like.   'I've pot teapots in flea markets in London, Brighton, Edinburgh and Rotterdam.   Though I admire the design of the teapots I got at those places.. functionally, the brown Betty is the most usable.   The shape of the spout is unparalleled  at preventing drips.   Add a tea cosy and it is the best teapot available anywhere,