Tea Traveler / Dual Tumbler 16-oz - Plum - Filter In Lid


16oz Tea Traveler®  BPA Free materials are enhanced with leak proof technology that is easy to use and easy to clean.

Two part lid allows for brewing tea inside the mug / tumbler or encapsulate the tea in the lid. When brewing in the lid you will turn the mug upside down to brew

Option One: How to use your Tea Traveler with tea in the mug / tumbler.

#1 – For tea in the glass body style: this can be used for herbal and rooibos teas.

Step 1 – remove lid and tea filter, add 2-3 teaspons of loose- leaf tea to the glass.

Step 2 –  add hot water, twist on tea filter and wait for tea to steep.

CAUTION: Steam Advisory – Use Caution With Boiling Water — Allow Time For Steam To Dissipate Prior To Twisting On Lid – STEAM PRESSURE MAY CAUSE LEAKS

Option Two: How to use your Tea Traveler with tea in the lid filter.

#2 – For teas with limited steeping times, where the leaves need to be removed to prevent over brewing, put the tea in the filter.

Step 1: Step 2: Step 3:
Remove the lid and filter; carefully add hot water to below the rim of the tea glass.Twist the filter on securely; add 2 -3 teaspoons of loose- leaf tea on top of the filter. Wait 2-3 minutes prior to twisting on lid so steam pressure does not force a leak upon inverting.

After a brief cool down period, twist on the lid securely and slowly turn the glass upside down to steep the tea.

Twist open the lid slightly and let the tea in the filter drain into the glass. Then remove the lid and filter together. Enjoy!

(Note: spent tea leaves remain in the filter set aside and can be reused in the same seating)


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Vida, 01/31/2016

My brother gave me his after I told him how cool it was, I love it!