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Tea Discovery Box


This selection of 30 teas has been curated to help you explore the world of tea and discover your personal tea preferences.  Whether you are just beginning your tea journey or if you’re looking to immerse yourself in the various origins and flavors, this discovery box will take you on a tour through the world of tea.        

You’ll discover if you prefer purist or naturally flavored teas, green tea from Japan or China, malty or smoky black teas, teas from traditional origins or more modern innovations and flavor combinations.  You may even discover that you love them all!

Discovery Box includes:

  • 30 teas, 2 servings of each, for a total of 60 cups of tea 
  • Brewing instructions
  • 16 page brochure including
    • Descriptions and information on each tea
    • Information on the types and origins of tea
    • Recommendations of additional teas to try based on your preferences
    • Tea FAQ
  • Stainless steel brewing basket (infuser)
  • FREE Churchill’s Tea Mug


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Susan , 02/07/2021

My daughters surprised me with this wonderful gift. I love trying new teas each morning. What a fun way to try new teas that I would not have otherwise. BEST GIFT!!

Reviewed by Am S, 02/06/2021

This was fantastic. The selections/varieties, quality, generous serving size...and the informative booklet really helped me make my journey through the teas. I created a tea journal  so now I know what I like when and with what. One of the best gifts ever!