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Tea Ceremonies

The Spirit of the Japanese Tea Ceremony

During a tea trip to Japan we spent some time studying the Japanese Tea Ceremony.  Learning about tea is definitely a lifelong pursuit and the Japanese Tea Ceremony is certainly no exception!  Some of the people we met had been studying for years and even decades.  

We learned quite a bit about matcha, the star of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, but the thing that stood out the most was the phrase we kept hearing and seeing – Ichi-go ichi-e.


A History of Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea started in England in the 1840s as a ritual mini-meal of sorts between the midday meal and dinner that was usually not eaten until 8pm. The meal consisted originally of a selection of small sandwiches and cakes, such as Victoria Sponge cake, to hold one over until the evening meal. Afternoon tea was distinguished from high tea because...