Milk Silk Oolong

Milk Silk Oolong
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A natural occurance only when there is a sudden and dramatic change in temperature during harvesting producing this unique milky sweet aroma and taste.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Drew, 07/10/2018

Its alright. Has an excellent milky scent, and definitely has the unique milky taste on the first sip, but it quickly fades and the aftertaste isn't anything special. second and third brews are light. The leaves unfold nicely in to big juicy bursts. Pricy. My first milk oolong, so I have nothing to directly compare it to. I also have the Tung Ting Foomosa oolong, which is slightly similar but I think that one is MUCH better.

Reviewed by Farrell, 04/26/2017

Delicious, smooth taste

Reviewed by Erin, 04/30/2016

The BEST milky oolong I have ever had.