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Victorian Earl Grey Black Tea

Victorian Earl Grey Black Tea
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A traditional blend of Ceylon black tea, oil of bergamot, lavender, rose petals, and rosemary. Amazing aroma greets you while brewing this tea.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Linda , 09/06/2019

This is my all time favorite Earl Grey tea. I love drinking it for breakfast. The scent is wonderful.

Reviewed by Rachel , 12/16/2018

I really love this tea. The rose and lavender give this tea a wonderful flavor.

Reviewed by Ansley , 08/06/2018

This is my all-time favorite tea. The lavender and rose are very soothing.

Reviewed by Sharon , 03/12/2014

My favorite tea all year round.It is a lovely balance of herbal, floral, and bergmont notes.These elements enhance the essence of the black tea without overshadowing it.